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Decades of reliability

For over 20 years, REGNER® has always stood for reliability. The company has always been driven by a culture of innovation, abounding service commitment and strategic vision that together has brought about solid growth. This innovation has sprouted from long-standing customer relationships and strategic partnerships in various markets, particularly automotive, medical and healthcare. Over time, REGNER® has fostered its technical capabilities to maintain and expand its leading niche market position with highly engineered products and services through a steady organic growth.

Today, the company has a wide range of products and services across various industries such as Medlinear, Homelinear, Techlinear, Mobilitylinear, Researchlinear and Sensorlinear.

REGNER® would like to continue executing its growth strategy which focuses on diversification in complimentary markets demanding high performance products and services.



We strive toward cost-effective production. In order to do so, we enhance a working atmosphere that strengthens the performance and potential of our stakeholders.



Experience and knowledge are at the heart of all we do. REGNER® Know-how is knowledge that we have not only gained through experience, but we also apply. In our daily work, we create solutions that make a difference.

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We partner with our clients. That is why we work together alongside our trusted customers to find the best solution. Our corporate culture is based on mutual respect as well as open and honest communication.